Monday, January 6, 2014

An End of the Year Tribute to Our Wonderful Senior Couples!

Dear Elder and Sister Mellor Are Truly Loved By Everyone Who Knew Them!
They Worked Hard on Reactivation Efforts in the Sparks Stake, 
and Finished Their Mission in Late November, 2013.

Elder and Sister Lynn Worked in the Office.  
Elder Lynn Had Responsibility for Finances and Housing, and Sister Lynn Was the Mission Secretary.
They Arrived Before the Mission Officially Opened, Bringing Excellent Experience, and We Couldn't Have Succeeded Without Them!

Elder and Sister Smigelski Worked in the Office.  He Was Responsible for All Vehicles, and She Assisted Him, Kept Baptismal Records, Coordinated Referrals, Produced the Newsletter and  Mission History.
They Arrived in July, 2012, During the Mission's First Month.
We Are Extremely Grateful to Them For a Job Well Done!

                         Elder and Sister Blankenship are Part-Time Church Service Missionaries!
    That's Their Official Description, But They Have Willingly Taken on FULL-TIME Responsibilities,
                                Helping Us in Every Way We Need Help! (Which is Constantly!)
                                            We Couldn't Get Through a Week Without Them!

Elder and Sister Smedley Have Been Serving With Reactivation For the Past Year,
But are Taking Elder and Sister Lynn's Place in the Office, as of December, 2013. 
They are Wonderful to Work With!

                              Elder and Sister Smith Arrived in November, 2013, Taking the Place of Mellors,
                                                          Working With the Sparks Stake!

                                     Elder and Sister Zappe Live in Sparks, and Desired to Serve!
                                                   They are Taking the Place of Smigelskis!
                                         Sister Zappe is a Registered Nurse and Will Also Assist
                                     Sister Hermansen With Medical Issues! (A Gigantic Blessing!)

                                     Sister Mowers Lives in the Area and Helps Out in Various Ways
                                                in the Office!  We Sure Appreciate Her Help!

Miscellaneous December 2013 Happenings

We Had to Say Good-bye to Two Dear Missionaries With Medical Releases.
We Hope They Will Get Well and Come Back to Us!  We Love You!

                              The Four Dear Sisters Who Serve in Our Home Ward, at Our Ward Party

It's So Very Hard to Say Good-Bye to Elder and Sister Lynn!  They Served the Entire Mission So Well,                                                With All Their Hearts!  We Wish Them the Very Best!

           Time to Say Good-Bye to This Dear Elder!  He Became a Great Missionary and a True Leader!

This Elder Became Our First Elder (Second Missionary) to Need Emergency Surgery in the Field!
                            His Appendix Ruptured!  We're Grateful He Has Made a Full Recovery!

WELCOME BACK SISTER!  This Dear Sister Returned to Us After Having Surgery at Home!

She Temporarily Paired Up With a Favorite Past Companion,
Who Only Has a Few Days Left!

                                                           And Her New Companion!

                            What an Awesome Treat!  Several Wonderful Missionaries
                              Come Caroling to the Mission Home on Christmas Eve!

                                    Of Course We Had to Invite Them in For Some Hot Chocolate!

                  President Hermansen, Sister Hermansen, our son Bradley, and our daughter Kaitlyn
                                                Wish You All a Very Happy New Year!

THE CHRISTMAS PARTY! December 25, 2013

We Taught Our Missionaries the President's Favorite Game:  Pig, Elephant, Giraffe!

           We Are All SO Grateful For Our Wonderful Senior Sisters and Elders For a Wonderful Dinner!

Two of Our Elders Were the "Victims" of a Huge Mystery For the Past Several Weeks!  They are Finally Receiving Clues to the Solution!
                                           Some Enjoyed Watching "Ephraim's Rescue"

    The Weather Was Absolute GORGEOUS!!!  Several Missionaries Enjoyed Playing "Ninja" Outdoors!

             Everyone Survived!

Time for a Huge White Elephant Gift Exchange Game!

                                               We Had an Awesome Time!!!