Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 2014 Departures! We Love You All & Miss You Already!

Earlier in June, We Had to Say Goodbye to a Dear Sister and a Wonderful Elder, Who Needed to Return Home on Medical Release.  We Hope to See Them Back With Us!

It's Unbelievable, But It's Time to Say Goodbye to Our Very First New Missionaries . . .The First Called To Reno! (CTR!)

                                             Mom, Dad & Sis Picked Up This Dear Elder!

                                                       It's Really Time to Say Goodbye!
                                                            We're So Proud of You!

                  Just a Few More Precious Minutes With Two . . . and a Special Past Companion!
                                                I Know!  Let's Be College Roommates!!!

Transfer Day! June 24, 2014