Monday, August 6, 2012

The First Week In The Best Mission In The World, The Nevada Reno Mission!

President and Sister Hermansen taking the traditional MTC map picture
when they entered the MTC on Saturday, June 23, 2012.

 We had the pleasure to meet with President and Sister Black of the Las Vegas West Mission and President and Sister Neider of the Las Vegas Mission on Sunday July 1st. We grew to love and respect them as they oriented and trained us. We can undestand the love all their missionaries felt for them. They will be sorely missed by many.

Elder and Sister Lynn trained at the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission office, under the direction of President Black.
They have been invaluable in helping to organize and launch the new Nevada Reno Mission.
The first Assistants to President Hermansen,
 We would be lost without them!  July 1, 2012

Our assistants were the first official visitors to the mission home where they met
 the son and daughter of President Hermansen.  July 2, 2012

Our first official meeting with missionaries occured on Tuesday July 3rd with the Fallon and Carson City Zones, in Fallon. The President's family introduced themselves, districts met, and President and Sister Hermansen had the pleasure of interviewing every Elder and Sister.

On Wednesday July 4th we had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with the Reno and Reno North Zones.
 We again had the great pleasure of interviewing each Elder and Sister.

A sillier version of the Reno and Reno North Zones.

On Thursday July 5th, we thoroughly enjoyed  a similar meeting with the Elko Zone.
 All 86 of our original missionaries are truly awesome!

We begin our mission with 8 sisters who deserve special recognition!

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