Friday, February 15, 2013

NEW Missionaries! The Reno Airport, February 12, 2013

One Wonderful New Elder was "Hand-Delivered" the Night Before the Others!
And Immediately Got to Work With Two Great Elders!
This Was A First!  We Thought We Got to the Airport
Plenty Early, But the Plane Beat Us!
These Two Elders Found Us!!!

One Day With FOUR Assistants!
One About to Leave, One Experienced to Train the New,
and Two New Assistants!

Here They Come!!

They're So Cute!

And They Keep Coming!

And Coming!!


A Whole ARMY of New Missionaries!!!

Our Four Wonderful Assistants, Ready to Assist!

Hi Mom and Dad!  We All Made It Here Safely!  Even All Our Luggage!
Look at 'em Coming!!!

Loading the Mission Van to Head to the Mission Office!

Let's Get To Work!!!

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  1. Parents of New Missionaries! It was so much fun to meet your sons and daughters! We feel they are truly a wonderful bunch! We look forward to working with them and getting to know and, no doubt, LOVE them! I hope you enjoy our mission blog! I would love to hear from you! My email address is


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