Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our Son Brian Marries Kara on Saturday, October 12th, in the Reno Temple!!!

                                  My Parents and Baby Sister Karolee Came For the Wedding!

                                                             Dear Friends of Brian!
                                                      All Five of Our Sons With Their Dad!
Our Oldest Son Dave and His Wife Jen
                     Two Daughters-in-law, Two of Our Three Daughters, and a Daughter-in-law
                   Our Son, a Dear Friend, Three More Sons and Four Beautiful Grandchildren!
                                     Great Grandparents With Three Beautiful Granddaughters!
                                                              Four Special Friends!
                                                                 Our First Daughter!
                                                      Here Comes the Bride and Groom!

                         Our Beautiful New Daughter-in-law Surrounded by Adoring Grandchildren!
                                               We're Multiplying and Replenishing the Earth!!!

                                                       Two Granddaughters Cuddling!
                                    All But Two of the Grown-ups in Our Big, Happy Family!!!

Putting the Finishing Touches on Our Rice Krispie Wedding Cake!
                                          The Bride and Groom Arrive at the Wedding Dinner!
              Our Oldest Son Dave, His Wife Jen, Their Son (thumbs up!), and a Nephew (with glasses!)
                                                          Four Darling Granddaughters!
                               Second Son Kevin, His Wife Jessica, and Two of Their Five Children!
                                     President and Sister Hermansen With the Bride and Groom

                                                                    Super Heroes!

 Brad and Kaitlyn (Who Are Living in Reno With Us), Two Sons, 
a Grandson, and Our Youngest Granddaughter!
 Our Third Son Mike, His Darling Wife Barbara and Their Fourth Daughter! (Our Newest Grandbaby!)
          My Parents, Golden and Connie Berrett, My Sister Karolee, and Our First Daughter Brooke!
                                                       Cutting the Wedding "Cake"!!!

                                        The End of A Very Special Day For All of Us!!!

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