Thursday, September 18, 2014

Miscellaneous Happenings, August 2014

Elder James Sanft and His Family Visit!!!

Mission Leadership Council Meeting

Mission Leadership Council, August 8, 2014
Parents of Our Future Missionary Visit!
The Senior Missionaries Enjoy Family Home Evening Together!

Elder Smith Gave a Wonderful Lecture!
We Had Some Missionaries Over for Dinner!
President's Parents Were Visiting Also!

Sister Michaud and Her Fiance Visit! 

Sister Green Also Visits!

One Dear Sister Needed Surgery This Month!

Visiting Greenville Elders!  They Live on a Farm!

We Actually Had a "P-Day Activity"!
We Hiked to Lamoille Lake Near Elko/Spring Creek!

We Truly Heard a Mountain Lion in the Bushes!
President Felt He'd Better Get Prepared to Defend Us!

Gorgeous Country!  I'll Bet Many of You Didn't Know There Are Beautiful Canyons in Nevada!!!
We Had a Super Heavy Storm in mid-August!

And Some Heavy Hail a Few Minutes Later!

Attending Church in South Lake Tahoe

I've Wanted to See Some "Wild" Nevada Horses for Two Years!
Finally Did!  These Poor Horses are in Pretty Rough Shape!

A Nice Sunset Near Austin, Nevada

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