Saturday, January 3, 2015

November 2014 Miscellaneous Happenings!

I Lost Track of These Pics for a Couple of Months!  Somebody "Borrowed" My Camera on September 30th, and Took These Silly Pics!  We Definitely Wouldn't Have Guessed These Three Had it in Them!!!

              It's Always Fun to See Our Missionaries Out and About!  Sunday, November 2, 2014

                                So Grateful We Got This Dear Sister to the Hospital in Time!!!

                                 We Always Have Willing Elders to Help!  Thank You Men!

                       Another Moving Day, and More Wonderful Young Men Helping Us!

                                                               Five Beautiful Sisters!

                      New Favorite Thing to Do!  Doing Real Missionary Work With the Sisters!

                     Time to Say Goodbye to a Wonderful Sister!  She Returned With Honor!

 We Needed to Empty an Apartment at 10:30 p.m. Between Fallon and Ely!  Thank Goodness We Had the Help of 6 Super Missionaries . . . and Thank You to the 2 Elders Who Left it Quite Clean!

                                    Visiting Two Elders Who Desperately Needed New Mattresses!

                           Overnight at the Mission Home, Doing Missionary Work by Phone!

                                     A Very Rare Occasion . . . Out for Breakfast!

                   Two of Our Returned Elders (and a Brother!) Came to Visit!  We Love You!

A Beautiful Sister Returns With Her Family!  (Which One is the Mom?  She  Looks Young Enough to Be One of Our Sister Missionaries!)

                                                   We Love You and Miss You Sister!

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