Sunday, February 8, 2015

Miscellaneous Happenings in December, 2014

                                                               A New Assistant!

                 Two Wonderful Local Brothers Helping Us With Bicycle Issues on Transfer Day!

                                 Four Cute Sisters Meet Up For the Day at the Mission Home!

          Two of Our Returned Missionaries Visit, Speak at Mission Leadership Council Meeting!

                Four Adorable Returned Sisters Surprise Sister Hermansen at the Mission Home!

                                 Three Silly Girls!  We Didn't Know They Had It in Them!
                            Time to Say Goodbye to a Very Special Sister!  We Love You!

                                                       Yippee a Christmas Package!

                                     How Can Your 2 Years Be Up Elder?  We Miss You!
                                                 One Last Pic With the Companions!

                                                And Another!  We Love You Elder!

                             One of Our Returned Missionaries With His Beautiful Fiancee!

                                   Goodbye TOO SOON to This Dear Elder!  We Love You!

                        What an Awesome Bunch of Christmas Carolers!  Thank You!!!

                                                  Another!?!?!  We Love You Elder!

                                                   And One More!  We Miss You Elder!

          A Cute Sister Recuperating at the Mission Home!  What a Way to Spend New Year's Eve!!!
                                                                   Back to Work!

                                                           HAPPY  NEW  YEAR !!!

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