Monday, February 9, 2015

Miscellaneous January 2015 Happenings!

                                       7 Darling, Awesome Sisters Come Back For A Visit!!!
            They Drove All Night!  (They didn't want me to take these pics before they got cleaned up,                but I don't think they look toooo bad, do they? tee hee hee)  They Have Youth on Their Side!

                              They Insisted on Making Us Lunch!  And it Was Fantastic!!!

                                       We Would Love to Have Multiples of These Sisters!

        Our 3 Assistants Join Us Along With President, Since it it Transfer Planning Day!  Weird!!!

                                            A Beautiful Dress Made By Her Mother!
                                                     Ready to Go Visiting, and Dancing!

                                                  Yes, You Can Move in With Us!
                                                                  All of You Can!
                                          Yes Sister, You Can Have a Room of Your Own!

 Don't Know Who Borrowed My Camera, But I Wouldn't Want to Let These Pictures Go to Waste!

                                                Oh My Goodness, We Had Fun!!!

                                                WELCOME to a New Assistant!

                          Another Dear Sister and Her Mom Visited That Same Evening!

       Missionaries Start to Arrive at the Mission Home the Night Before Transfers and Departures!
             (Three Are Heading Off to New Adventures, Three Are Still With Us For a While!)
                                                 Along With Three Departing Elders!

Thank You For Your Gift Dear Sister!  (Didn't realize we caught an Elder's Yoda in the picture until just now!  Silly Boy!)

                                 One of Our Dear Sisters Returned and Married a Fallon Boy!

                                      And Three More Dear Sisters Came for the Reception!

                       So Glad We're Close Enough For These Fun Visits!  We Love You All!

                                                            One More Visit in January!
                             CUTE!  CUTE!  CUTE!  And Guys, They Are Available Now!

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